Why is it worth to bet on bulky ads?

In advertising, what matters most is that it should be noticed. The best idea is nothing if it does not reach as many recipients as possible. Of course, how it will be assessed later is another matter, but the basis is that this assessment could have taken place at all. And there is no better way to ensure visibility than size. This fact is so obvious that it is even difficult to discuss it. If something is big, then everyone will notice it if it is small - many people can not do it. And that's why more and more often, mostly in cities, you can notice huge advertisements, often having several hundred square meters of space. Such advertisements are called large-size ones, according to the adopted definition, their carriers should have an area of ​​at least 100m2. Due to its size, the number of places for the exhibition is slightly limited. Therefore, they are most often seen on the facades of buildings, or on the sides that do not have any windows, or during renovation works.

Large size advertising is primarily distinguished by size, it is one of the largest forms of promotions used on the market. The whole is perfectly visible even from a long distance, and thanks to the location on buildings and facilities in busy places, the number of people watching it is high. This translates into efficiency, customers even paying no attention to the graphics placed on the media subconsciously note the message presented. Also, the most common areas around the buildings are lit, thanks to which everything can be seen even in the dark. In terms of available space, this is one of the most attractive forms of promotion, especially since the assembly and assembly of the carrier are relatively cheap and simple. Large format banners are made of fabric or vinyl, their proper preparation allows for trouble-free use for a long time in all climatic conditions. The companies that promote their products or services in such a way are convincing about their effectiveness.