Why coffers are a great way to advertise?

Light matters in modern advertising. Without it, the carriers visible perfectly in the day but becomes imperceptible at night  - and yet in many places, life begins just at night. Therefore, when thinking about the designation of your company, whether it is with the use of an exposed logo or name, you should think about the version with lighting. It will not be a much more expensive or more labour-intensive solution, and the benefits from it can be really big. The best in this role will be played among other illuminated coffers, which is one of the most popular and most effective types of visual advertising. The coffers are also available in the version without backlight, in many cases they will also fulfil their role successfully. If, however, someone wants to have an advertisement visible all the time, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, it is the version with backlight ideally suited to this. As research shows, this is one of the most effective forms of communication intended for individual clients.

The coffers can be mounted both inside and outside. In the case of the latter, special materials and seals are used to guarantee reliable operation regardless of weather conditions. The coffers are usually made in the form of light aluminium constructions, filled with Plexiglas or other plastics. Dibond also enjoys great popularity - this material allows to make complicated designs, and at the same time it presents itself very nicely. When it comes to sizes and shapes, the possibilities here are very large, everything depends on the client's needs and the purpose of the coffer. Besides, some types of coffers allow for one-sided and double-sided versions. What distinguishes the coffers from other forms of visual advertising is a high efficiency, especially in the version with lighting. Properly selected light guarantees on the one hand high visibility around the clock, and at the same time provides an effective message.