Spatial letters as a way to build brand recognition

In the thicket of innumerable advertising media, it is very important to distinguish yourself accordingly. Otherwise, the advertisement will not give much, because it simply will not be noticed by potential customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use spatial letters that can give very interesting visual effects. The name of the company or logo made in such a way may attract the eyes of passers-by and, therefore, tempt them to use the services. The spatial letters can be mounted both inside and outside buildings, due to the use of appropriate materials they are completely resistant to weather conditions. Outside, they are installed primarily on facades and information boards in front of the premises, inside they are placed, among others, at the reception desks. For the production of letters, various types of materials are used, including styrodur, PVC, MDF or plexi, additionally they can be made without backlight or with various types of backlight.

What distinguishes spatial letters is a much greater possibility to create an interesting, characteristic logo or company name. As a result, they will be more visible, will not disappear in the crowd, and at the same time will strengthen the brand's recognition. The large amount of available materials gives you unlimited possibilities in terms of forms, colours and finishes, allowing you to adapt to individual customer needs.

The use of backlight increases the possibilities of such advertising, because it is perfectly visible at day and night. This is of particular importance when the company's headquarters or, for example, a gastronomic establishment are surrounded by competition, then an appropriate distinction is extremely important for acquiring customers. The use of spatial letters apart from recognizability also affects the prestige of the company's data, a professionally designed and made logo is extremely important for building a holistic image. The big advantage of this solution is also the costs - the materials used are resistant to weather conditions, and the possible lighting due to the use of LEDs is very economical.