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Production of glass neon signs, light boxes, 3D letters. Assembly and disassembly of illuminated advertising. Auto detailing, car color change, wrapping, window tinting.

Stand out among the competition

Neon advertisement - its light stream is visible even during the day. It separates you from a lot of other shops, bars, restaurants, pavilions. Neon is also successfully used in day signs. That is not a secret that with the help of neon fluorescence you can add to your "child" the most bright, colourful and unique look.

The neons soft fluorescence gives a mood in the interior of a bar, club or restaurant. Fluorescence of neon tubes can also be blindingly bright, especially if the tubes are unified into a great advertising design.

Neon can be an independent element of the luminaire as well as highlighted spatial letters. The use of neon will free you from unpleasant The effect of "light spots", characteristic of the use of glow lamps and fluorescent lamps. After the juiciness and brightness of the neon colour, qualitatively outdo each of the well-known advertising technologies. In a short space of time you will be able to see the efficiency of this type of advertisement